Recently Ian Magee owner of Rinn Seimhne Kennels from Canada visited our kennel to drop off two recently born puppies.  The puppies were of Northern Ireland descent born to Ian's bitch Clodahill Creena and Clodahill Pele.

After a number of testing trials Alfie finished first at the Long Island ESSFT Amateur Field Trial at Canisteo NY.  This win qualified him for his title American Amateur Field Champion [AFC] title.  Also this qualified him for the 2018 Amateur National to be held in Ohio.


Our kennel started very organically in 2013 with a passion for spaniels.  We had previously gained a wonderful bench springer, only to find out she was not a field trial pup!  It turns out this is a common mistake for the novice gun dog owner.  After our first foray into springer spaniels, we then proceeded to identify a gun dog breeder who could advise us on our next pup.  With the right dog, and extensive training, we began to have success in the field and our passion continued.  Now, five years later, we are committed to furthering the breed, and anticipate our first litter in 2020!